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The Amboseli Ecosystem Trust brings together the communities and organizations of Amboseli to develop land use practices that improve the livelihoods and wellbeing of communities through the coexistence of people and wildlife. This is to keep the Amboseli Ecosystem rangelands open, diverse and healthy for the benefit of people and wildlife

The Amboseli Ecosystem Trust (AET) was born out of the 10-year management plan which was developed through a collaborative effort involving a wide array of stakeholders including the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) which is the Kenya government mandated body responsible for Wildlife, the Amboseli Tsavo Group Ranches Conservation Association ( ATGRCA} which is the umbrella body comprising the landowners of the lands that surround the Amboseli National Park and are the dispersal and corridors for wildlife to the National Parks of Tsavo and Chyulu to the East and Kilimanjaro to the South across the international border to Tanzania; others were the Amboseli Conservation Program, Amboseli Trust for Elephant, African Conservation Centre, African Wildlife Foundation, and the School for Field Studies (SFS), Kenya Government Ministries and the then Provincial Administration of Oloitokitok, Kajiado District.

Our Story

That Plan was officially initiated in November 2004 with the aim to address natural resource s and management issues within the ecosystem, among them, management planning.

The specific aim of the plan was to maintain the Amboseli Ecosystem (AE) diversity and ecological resilience, conserve the ecosystem including threatened species and habitats, and especially the charismatic elephants, expansive swamps, and promote sustainable development of the ecosystem for the benefit of the present and future generations. ( AEMP 2008-2018)


A healthy and thriving Amboseli ecosystem with intact landscapes that link community livelihoods and wildlife conservation.

Amboseli Ecosystem Trust
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To secure intact and healthy landscapes that support local livelihoods and conservation.


To provide a link between different stakeholders in the Amboseli ecosystem, ensuring interests and actions are aligned, coordinated, and in the best interest of local resident communities and the ecosystem’s sustainability.

To facilitate or directly support local institutions to effectively manage their land and resources by building capacity, providing resources, and assisting with technical support.

To be a ‘mouthpiece’ ensuring Amboseli community and conservation interests and needs are considered in national and county level discussions and policy decisions.

To serve as a ‘watchdog,’ ensuring land use planning and management as well as potential investment and development in the area is done responsibly and sustainably and seeks to keep the ecosystem intact.

Conservancies under Amboseli Ecosystem Trust

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