Institutions and Governance


The programme is to strengthen the institutions, governance and collaboration mechanisms to enhance natural resource management, community’s welfare and promote equitable sharing of benefits accruing from communally managed lands.

Amboseli Ecosystem Trust (AET) is an umbrella organisation that brings together all stakeholders in Amboseli Ecosystem on conservation and development issues. The membership includes all group ranches, conservation NGOs, the County government of Kajiado, Kenya wildlife service and other national government mandated bodies. AET started by overseeing and coordinating the implementation of Amboseli Ecosystem Management Plan (AEMP 2008 – 2018) but evolved to cut it's on niche to spearhead the development of another ten years AEMP 2020-2030. (The document is ready but the COVID-19 pandemic has stalled the acquisition of the approval signatures ). The AEMP 2020-2030 integrates the land use plans of the key geographic units of the AE which are: Olgululuii/Lolarashi GR, Mbirikani GR, Eselengei GR, Kuku GR, Rombo GR, ALOCA in the former Kimana GR and Amboseli National Park.



Therefore, AET works closely with the bornfide community leaders directly and through their umbrella body ATGRCA and also the ATCRA umbrella community wildlife rangers in the AE. Purposely thrive to grow as an effective, accountable, and inclusive institution for all in the AE; by creating a conducive environment to inspire hope for a bright future, where all positive prospects are possible by all and for all, be they local or international.

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