Economic Impacts of Wildlife Conservation in the Amboseli Ecosystem

Economic Impact of Wildlife Conservation in the Amboseli Ecosystem Survey 2018

Amboseli Ecosystem Trust (AET) would like to acknowledge and express our appreciation to all who supported this initiative. This economic contribution survey could not have been successful without the trust and cooperation of each participant, each of whom provided crucial, confidential data.
First and foremost, AET thanks the Amboseli Trust for Elephants for coordinating the development and implementation of this survey on behalf of AET. Secondly, AET thanks Big Life Ltd. for financing this immensely important exercise.

Further, AET recognizes the support of the entire fraternity of Amboseli Ecosystem stakeholders and partners, without whom this report would not have been possible. Therefore, AET wishes to acknowledge our gratitude for the contribution of each institution to this survey. The diversity of respondents is
representative of the whole ecosystem: conservation NGOs, hoteliers, research institutions, community groups, and private companies. We so appreciate their commitment to preserving our ecosystem.

AET lastly acknowledges the time and effort of our able independent consultant, Devan Feeney. She was instrumental in each phase of this report, from survey drafting and data collection to findings consolidation and finalising this report. We sincerely appreciate her time and commitment. Finally, AET hopes that the findings of this economic survey will help highlight the critically important work of many survey participants in conserving Amboseli’s natural resources. In addition, we hope to encourage greater response rates in future reports, as there is so much to be gained by presenting even
more comprehensive data. Reports such as this will undoubtedly help shape the future of the Amboseli Ecosystem, and we’re immeasurably grateful for all current and future survey participants.