World Elephant Day 2020 Celebration

This year World Elephant Day day was commemorated in the Amboseli National Park in the greater Amboseli Landscape. The CS Tourism and Wildlife Hon. Najib Balala together with KWS Director general and senior dignitaries from the ministry joined the Amboseli community and the conservation stakeholders to make the world elephant day and launched an elephant naming ceremony which will be a fundraising venture to help raise funds for elephant conservation. HE Joseph Ole Lenku  graced the occasion and requested  on behalf of the Amboseli Community that the remains of the famous Tim be brought back to Amboseli.

The Amboseli Ecosystem Trust co-hosted the magnificent world elephant day ceremony together with KWS Amboseli National Park Management. 

Thanks to Amboseli Trust for Elephant for great investments of more than 40 years in studing Elephants. This has made Amboseli Elephants to be known world over. We celebrate this year with double double elephants’ twins’ babies in the ecosystem.

Many thanks to Amboseli land owners who have accommodated these elephants to traverse their lands without any danger. The Amboseli elephants are said to be the safest population in the world. This is because of your great commitment to conserve these animals.

We the Amboseli Ecosystem Trust would to like to salute  all our conservation partners who by their support so many boots are patrolling the ecosystem on daily basis to make sure that wildlife and the community interacting with wildlife are safe.

We call upon all us to continue with the same spirit to make Amboseli a safe haven for Elephants’ and other flora and fauna